Championing The Korbond Group Brands

Monday, 28 April 2014

The Korbond Group, home to an array of UK and internationally recognised brands is delighted to announce its membership within The British Brands Group with effect from April 2014. The British Brands Group is a forum for British brands, which offers advice and future planning suggestions for many leading UK companies’ brand portfolios.
The acceptance into this influential group follows the recent corporate re-branding of the company, in addition to the launch of 4 new brands showcased at the International Spring Fair 2014. The Korbond Group would like to work closely with The British Brands Group to understand the comprehensive effect of creativity and branding. Latest research from the body has uncovered that ‘Brands empower consumers, spur innovation and underpin competitive markets. This is crucial to the UK’s economic recovery, the generation of wealth and jobs, and its global competitiveness.’

The Korbond Group would like to highlight its appreciation and the importance of its brands; Korbond, Creations, Korbond Travel Accessories, Redberry and Essentials and look forward to working with The British Brands Group. Korbond Group believes in the ethos that brands are as important to products as names are to people in maximising business value.

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Championing The Korbond Group Brands