Navig8 Eco Friendly

It’s no secret that small, everyday plastics are putting a huge strain on the environment. Plastic packaging is one of the worst offenders as it is single use, and often unnecessary with 50% of plastic being used only once and it being predicted that by 2050 12 billion tonnes of plastic waste will be in landfills. This is a problem for the brands themselves to fix. Navig8 Travel packaging is 100% recyclable, made from only 5% plastic which is fully recyclable. When plastic ends up in a landfill, it can take centuries to break down, when recycled, the materials can be repurposed, reused and help to avoid burning additional fossil fuels to create more plastic.

The remaining 95% of Navig8 packaging is made up of FSC approved card. The FSC logo displayed on the Navig8 packaging ensures that the card is harvested from forests that are managed with consideration for people, wildlife and the environment. FSC ensure rare animals and plant habitats are fully protected, every tree harvested is replaced, and that the workers employed within the forest are local, benefitting from training, safety equipment and community support projects.


As a family business, we want to preserve this planet for future generations instead of being party to destroying it. This is just Korbond’s first step in the journey of environmental protection.

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