Our new felt Creations

Felt is one of the oldest known textiles and has been immensely popular for over 5000 years, this is just one reason that we love designing impactful yet practical storage items with this humble material. The versatile fabric has been one of the stars of our Creations range over the last year, so we have created two additional designs which perfectly complement our existing Hemmingway collection.

The first design, inspired by traditional travelling carryalls, is a Large Craft Holdall which features faux leather finishing touches to contrast the textured body with enough space for an entire crafting stash. This is the perfect statement piece for in store and would complement any home.

Our secondary newbie is a Deluxe Knitters Yarn Tote, a different shape than our current Knitters Yarn Tote, the two can be used as a set and sit perfectly alongside one another.

Korbond Creations range goes beyond craft storage, it is the perfect collection of gifting and home decoration whilst keeping key functionality required for day to day life.

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