Laundry Pen with 10 Name Labels

Korbond Laundry Pen is ideal for marking fabric and clothes labels. Especially suited to school uniforms and gym kits.
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RRP £2.67
Height (mm) 180
Length (mm) 15
Width (mm) 67
  • Using the Laundry Pen, careful write name on the non-adhesive side of the label. 
  • Go over each letter several times, pressing firmly with the pen, making the letter bold and clear. 
  • Leave the ink to dry for 60 seconds. 
  • Using scissors, cut off the label and round the corners. Rounding corners prevents frayed edges peeling. 
  • Selecting a suitable location inside the garment, place the label adhesive side down. 
  • Set Iron to a low temperature. 
  • Place ironing cloth over label and iron over cloth using firm pressure for 6 seconds. 
  • Allow up to 60 seconds to cool and check all the edges are bonded. If not, repeat ironing moving firmly around the edges. 
 Care Instructions:
  • Korbond clothes labels are washable at 40° and dry cleanable. 
  • Do not use steam setting when ironing.
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