Container Labels

Korbond self-adhesive Container Labels come in a variety of fun designs and sizes and are ideal for adding identification to lunch boxes, water bottles, and even snack pots. An additional protective film covers the label to ensure no smudging and long-lasting labelling. They are also useful for notifying others of any allergies. Korbond Labelling range can be used together with Korbond Laundry Marker.
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RRP £1.50
Height (mm) 180
Length (mm) 2
Width (mm) 70
  • Carefully write name on chosen label. 
  • Allow up to 30 seconds for the ink to dry before applying the clear protective cover. 
  • Peel label away from the backing paper and apply to a smooth surface, free of textures or ridges. 
Care Instructions:
  • Korbond Self Adhesive Container Labels are dishwasher safe.
  • When cleaning items in the dishwasher, place the labelled items on the top shelf where possible. 
  • Please retain the instructions for future reference.
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