Shoe Labels

Korbond self-adhesive shoe labels are a long-lasting solution for helping to identify children's footwear. The shoe labels are provided with a clear protective cover which is applied over the top of the main label, once personalised, to ensure longevity term after use.
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RRP £1.50
Height (mm) 180
Length (mm) 2
Width (mm) 70
  • Carefully write name on chosen shoe label. Ensure one 'Left' and one 'Right' to aid child's learning. 
  • Allow up to 30 seconds for the ink to dry before applying the clear protective cover. 
  • Peel label away from backing appear and place into shoe pressing firmly to secure.
Care Instructions: 
  • Always ensure the inside of the shoe is clean and dry before application. 
  • For best application, apply the rounded edge into the heel of the shoe. 
  • Please retain the following instructions for future reference.
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