3 Pack Thimble and Needle Threaders


KorbondThimble and Needle Threaders are essential tools for any hand sewer. The needle threaders are a device used to help pull thread through the eye of a needle. The steel thimble (size 10) is perfect for protecting your fingers when sewing. 

RRP £1.75
Height (mm) 120
Width (mm) 67
Length (mm) 20


Use the thimble to assist the needle through the fabric, especially heavier fabrics such as denim or leather. The thimble will assist and protect your finger when pushing through and when pulling the needle out of the opposite end of the material. 

Select a needle with a large eye for the yarn you are using. Take the needle threader and push the wire loop through the eye of the needle. Thread your yarn through opened loop of the threader. Then gently pull the threader back through the eye of the needle. The thread will follow, leaving your needle successfully threaded and ready to commence stitching.

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