Published 21st May 2009

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As we all head back to the office and swap zoom meetings at the kitchen table for break out sessions in the boardroom, the struggle out of our jeans and joggers into shirts, skirts and trousers is real. Maybe all the outdoor exercise has left you a few pounds lighter or maybe a little indulgence has left you with what is being termed lovingly as the ‘lockdown layer’; either way we have the sewing tools for you to make the necessary alterations to your wardrobe.


From buttons and fasteners, elastics and hemming tape, and even zips and bra extenders there is something in our range of haberdashery to help you bring old favourites out of closet and back to life, not to landfill; in the UK we throw away a shocking million tonnes of clothing every year so we want to shift the emphasis onto reducing, re-using and recycling, truly coining the phrase ‘make do and mend’.

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