Craft Magnifier


Korbond Craft Magnifier is hands free and features an integral twin LED light which is particularly useful for working in low daylight conditions. The Craft Magnifier minimises eyestrain with a 2.5x magnification crystal clear acrylic lense and provides a bright, shadowless illumination for a range of up-close crafts such as embroidery and needlework; for more intricate work there is a 4.5x magnification spot lense and an objective lense.

RRP £12.00
Height (mm) 197
Width (mm) 125
Length (mm) 25


3 3G button cell batteries included. 

To preserve battery life, ensure LED lights are not activated when not in use.
Attach straps securely to under hooks on corresponding sides of magnifier. 
Place magnifier around neck, using the adjustable neck cord provided, and adjust strap length according to project. 
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