Laundry Marker


Korbond Laundry marker is ideal for writing names on clothes labels and other textiles around the home. The permanent marker pen has been developed to withstand continuous washing and is especially suited to labelling school uniforms and gym kits. Korbond Laundry Marker can be used together with the Korbond Labelling range.

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  • Using the Laundry Marker carefully write name on the (non-adhesive side of iron-on) clothes labels.(For best application, do not allow too much pressure as this may cause the ink to bleed)
  • Leave ink to dry for 60 seconds.(Replace lid after each use to ensure that ink does not run dry)
Care Instructions
  • Always test Korbond Laundry Marker on an inconspicuous area first. 
  • Always refer to the garments care label for washing instructions. The recommended wash cycle for garments labelled with Korbond Laundry Marker is 30³. 
  • Please retain the following instructions for future reference. 
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