2 Pack of 33 Sheet Pet Hair Roller Refills


Korbond twin pack of Pet hair Roller Refills compliments the Korbond Pet Lint Roller, providing two spiral wound refills of 33 sheets, great for those who already own the pet roller handle.

Contents Include:
2 x 4.9m 33 Sheet Roller Refills

RRP £3.30
Height (mm) 240
Width (mm) 40
Length (mm) 40

  • Remove protective wrapper (BUT do not dispose of it)
  • Using the lint roller, roll the sticky surface over fabric to remove particles. Repeat until satisfied.
  • When finished, replace protective wrapper to preserve adhesive.
  • When adhesive no longer picks up particles, carefully peel off the used top layer to reveal a new sticky surface underneath.
  • Remove empty roll by pulling firmly away from the handle.
  • Replace with a Korbond Pet Lint Roller Refill.
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