40 Piece Sewing Bag


Korbond Sewing Bag is an ideal starter kit for travellers or home sewer. Providing a comprehensive selection of 40 sewing essentials and mending items packed into a small fabric and clear fronted bag, this assortment is ideal for most on the move sewing needs.

Contents Include:

1 pair of scissors

1 assorted needle compact

1 analogue tape measure

1 wheel of berry pins

1 pin cushion

1 seam ripper

1 thimble

1 needle threader

8 assorted safety pins

6 assorted buttons

2 sets of hooks & eyes

4 sets of snap fasteners

1m fusible hemming web

50cm x 6mm white elastic

10 assorted sewing threads

RRP £6.00
Height (mm) 140
Width (mm) 70
Length (mm) 65
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