6m Black & Grey Hemming Tape

Korbond Hemming Tape is a quick and simple solution to hemming , facing and mending.

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  • Review heat & timings guide within pack 
  • Turn garment inside out or with curtains and drapes, underside up. 
  • Cut tape to length, ensuring a sufficient amount to fully cover the required area. For larger areas, such as curtains, work in small sections. 
  • Iron garment or fabric to crease in the hem at required length. 
  • Set iron to required temperature. 
  • Adhesive side down, place hemming tape over edges of the hem, ensure this overlaps with the main fabric. 
  • Place ironing cloth between hem and iron. 
  • To iron, hold iron firmly onto hem (duration as per guidelines). Allow to cool for 5 minutes. 
  • Gently test for bond, if not fully bonded, repeat step above. 
Care Instructions
  • Always test on inconspicuous area first 
  • Korbond hemming tape is washable and dry cleanable. 
  • Do not use steam setting when ironing.
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