7.5cmx27cm Black Iron On Mender


Korbond Iron On Mender is the ideal tool for mending tears, holes and frayed fabrics. Quick and simple to use, iron on mender offers a permanent repair solution.

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  • Tidy frayed edges from torn or ripped areas and turn garment inside out. 
  • Make a pattern of the hole/tear with paper. 
  • Using the pattern, cut a suitable piece of surplus material or a piece of fabric chosen to match. 
  • Place material in the hole, ready to place another piece of mender on top. 
  • Cut mender larger than damaged area and round the corners with scissors to prevent fraying. 
  • Place mender, adhesive side down, over the material and hole/tear on the inside of the garment. 
  • Set iron to required temperature. 
  • Place ironing cloth over the garment and iron for required time. 
  • Allow to cool for 5 minutes, test to see if fully bonded. If not fully bonded, repeat step above.

Care Instructions: 

  • Always test on inconspicuous area first. 
  • Korbond Iron On Mender is washable and dry cleanable. 
  • Do not use steam setting when ironing.
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