helpful haberdashery to make you go ho-ho-ho

Published 17th December 2020

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One week to go till the big man pops down our chimneys to deliver gifts galore. Have you got everything yet, or are you still struggling to know what to buy for who? If it is the latter, do not fear we have plenty of inspiration for everyone from your favourite Auntie Sue to Carole from Accounts at the office.

The top 3 considerations when choosing a gift are who it is for and what makes them tick, and of course budget. In this carefully curated, crafty Christmas gift guide we have tailored our collection to the variety of individuals we find in our lives.

For the fashion-conscious sister who loves to knit on her daily commute, why not give her this beautiful blue craft bag from our design led Creations by Korbond collection; the Geo Fern fabric was specially selected in a collaboration with the Craft Cotton reflect the current botanical trends.

For the Mother-in-laws, kill two birds with one stone and make the budget stretch a little further by splitting a 10 skein yarn bundle between them and present their 5 yarns in a small felt tote - both sorted with inspiring gifts for less than £25 each, and the felt tote can be used for all sorts of household storage.

For your super organised Aunt & Uncle we have cool craft toolboxes, including a handy portable pull out tray and available in pink and in blue – the perfect his ‘n’ hers gift.

Don't forget something for the Dads to keep them ship-shape with this duo of stylish desk-tidy’s to keep stationary and other paraphernalia in order.

We even have something for your Secret Santa with our pretty pin cushions, featuring a useful elasticated wrist strap, that come in a variety of colours and designs and make a terrific token gift for keen crafters; this yellow one is our favourite and a lovely way to gift someone a little bit of sunshine – and we all need that this year.

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