8m Extra Wide Hemming Web

Korbond Hemming web is quick and easy to use providing a sew free hem in an instant. The easiest way to alter trousers, dresses and curtains, without having to thread a needle or set up a sewing machine.  Extra Wide Hemming Web makes light work of large, heavy projects.
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RRP £4.85
Height (mm) 120
Length (mm) 25
Width (mm) 85
  • Turn garment inside out or with curtains and drapes, lay flat, underside up. 
  • Iron garment or fabric to crease in hem at required length. (suitable heat for fabric) 
  • Cut web to required length and place between two sides of fabric to be bonded. Do not allow tape to protrude or have direct contact with the iron. 
  • Set iron to a hot temperature and use a low steam setting. Synthetics need special care, do not allow to dry out. 
  • Press iron slowly and firmly over hem for approx. 20 seconds. Allow to cool for 5 minutes 

To Alter Hem : 


  • Follow step 5 and peel apart while hot. Some adhesive will remain. 


 Care Instructions 


  • Always test on a hidden area first. Korbond Hemming Web is washable and dry cleanable.


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