2cmx50cm White Hook & Loop Iron On


Korbond Iron On Hook and Loop allows for a quick and easy application with no sewing required. Ideal for use on home furnishings and upholstery items or as an alternative fastening to buttons or zips on clothing.

RRP £2.30
Height (mm) 190
Width (mm) 60
Length (mm) 5

  • Position the desired length of hook or loop on to the first piece of fabric. Ensure the adhesive side is against the fabric. 
  • Set iron to a low temperature. 
  • Secure tape in place with pins 
  • Carefully turn fabric over and iron, pressing firmly for approx. 12 seconds. DO NOT USE DIRECTLY ON HOOK OR LOOP. 
  • Repeat process with the second piece of fabric. Ensure the hook or loop is correctly aligned. 
  • Allow a minimum of 5 minutes to cool before checking bond. Ensure both sections are firmly bonded to fabric before use. 

Care Instructions:

  • Korbond Iron On Hook & Loop is dry clean only.
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