2cmx50cm White Hook & Loop Sew On


Korbond Sew On Hook and Loop is an ideal fastening solution. Suitable for use on home furnishings and upholstery items such as curtains, cushions and pelmets or in a multitude of craft projects.

RRP £2.00
Height (mm) 190
Width (mm) 60
Length (mm) 5

  • Cut tape to desired length. 
  • Secure first piece of tape to fabric with pins, stitch around the edges of tape and backstitch to finish. 
  • Repeat process for the opposite piece of tape, ensuring both the hook and loop sections are aligned. 
  • Finally, join the two items.For best results when joining fabric to a hard surface, use Korbond Self Adhesive or Iron On Hook & Loop. The hook tape adheres to the hard surface and the loop tape can be sewn onto fabric. 

Care Instructions:

  • Korbond Sew On Hook & Loop is washable and dry cleanable.
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